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Chapter - 6How to write an article

                                     This is most important chapter. It is a heart of our work, “How to Write an article”. Look! It is not a rocket sciences, I am going to show you simple steps to write an article. By following these methods you can write almost any kind of article. 
Determine your topic. Exactly what are you going to write about? Brainstorm for ideas if you have to. When writing for wiki. How, you may even wish to refer to requested topics for ideas. It shouldn't matter that the same type of article had been written before or not, just think what you want to write. 
Step 1: Understand Your Topic
Without proper understanding of any topic no one can write a useful article. You must know what you are going to tell your readers. Brainstorming about the topic is a very first step of writing an article. for example if you are given an assignment of writing articles of SEO, your first step is to know basic of SEO, definition of SEO etc. This will help you further process.
Assignment: Stop here and find what seo is? Why use SEO?
Step 2: Do you know your Audience?
A: It is very essential part of writing useful article. Although, most of article writers quite this step. This mean if you are writing article on SEO, then you must know who you should write for i.e. IT Students, Business Professionals, Home Business Entrepreneur etc.
This analysis help you to choose your way to expressing your thought, your vocabulary and examples. It has significant importance, if you write an article about “weight loss tips 2011” for newbie you will talk about weight loss and recent tips. In other case if you are writing tips for fitness professionals then you must not bored them by providing basic weight loss information and tips. 
Assignment: Do some research to determine who may use SEO
Step 3: Do your Research?
A: This is crucial part, good research leads to good article. Research is a process of collecting and learning about most useful information from different sources. In this process we collect as much information as available. 
Before going surfing internet for research, we may know that there are two major kinds of websites available on Google Search Results
First one is commercial websites which are selling products and offering service. Usually we do not find so much information from these websites. For example if you are researching on Tennis Ball and Google show you a web page from, you can not find so much information. 
Second is informative website like,,,, etc
I always suggest that one should not start research process from Instead of searching on informative website like wiki, articles base etc are much better place to start your research.
Hey Dilawar! What do you mean by Research I am not scientist, explain me.
Okay, no problem. Let us do our first research together.
1- Open informative websites i.e.,,
2- Enter your keyword in search box of these websites
3- Read Paragraph by Paragraph
4- Each paragraph must have some one or more unique points, find them out and write in your own words

For example: If you search for SEO in wiki you may find the following paragraph
“Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. Other forms of search engine marketing (SEM) target paid listings. In general, the earlier (or higher on the page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines. This gives a website web presence.”

The above highlighted text is a unique point which describes SEO. Read it carefully and try to conceive the point and write in your own words. 
i.e. “Search engine optimization is a method to increase rank of a website in any Search Engine” or “SEO or Search engine optimization is procedure by which a webpage or website can increase traffic from search engine by getting high ranks in free listing”
Repeat this process on, and other article directories. In the result of this research process, you have not only learned about this topic but also get very use full points regarding this topic.
Other Sources of Research: 
Depending upon the worth of article, you may use multiple sources of research.
Talking with concern people is most simple way. If I can interview 2-3 concern people regarding the subject of article, it can give us most powerful points to write on.
Researching books, e-books and research papers are also very powerful way of finding most useful information.
Research process continues till we get most useful information. Number of point or duration of research depends upon length of article.
Step 4: Length of Article
Length of article varies by the type of article we are writing for. As major topic of discussion of this book is to write an article for freelance article jobs, length of article is determined by job provider. Most common length is 500 words. I would suggest practicing on above mentioned length.
Step 5: Times to Organize Your Outline
Now review all point. Delete repeated points, improve sequence of information and remove if any point can cause contradiction. 
Now, divide these points into three major parts.
Here, you can introduce your topic and tell important point that you are going to discuss in your article. It is also a good practice to create importance of topic. For example if you are writing an introduction to SEO article, define SEO, tell the importance of SEO and also create the importance why it is important to learn about SEO.
Main Body:
This is most important part. Here we discuss all information we promise in introductory paragraph. You can put all major points in this part as it most crucial part of our article.
It is not necessary to put some points you conceived from your research, you can just write a short paragraph to summarize all above points.
Step 6 Writing Draft for your Article:
Now it is time to convert your research into real article. We have already learned a lot from research. We have already organized these points into introduction, main body and conclusion. Now just follow the following steps.
First, Read all points to revised what you learned from your research
Second, write an introduction of your article. Not only use these points to write but also use that knowledge you gained from research. Do not rewrite those points, just read them and start writing whatever comes in your mind
As far as introduction is concern, do not write main points as it is just an introduction.
Now, it is turn to write our main body. Read all points one by one, wait and think and start writing what ever comes first in your mind. Then go on and repeat the process. Just write, do not examine at this time.
If the points conceive in research have been finished and mind stops catching new thoughts about the topic and you are still 100 -200 words short from the given length and then it is time to go back in research process. In this case, after finishing your second research you may start from where you stop writing.
After writing all main point in your main body, write conclusion. Conclusion is a simply a brief summary of your article. You can also include call for action if required i.e. “Learn SEO to Increase Your Earning”.  I recommend to unbiased about your topic instead of emphasizing on your favorite points.

Check and Correct:
It is time to convert an article draft into ready to submit article. Check the following points to finalized your article
first, find any out of order information
Check Repetitive points 
Find where you go irrelevant mean go away of your topic
Read loudly to check the flow of article
Find and remove if any information just filling up the space and have no worth for reader.
Be quality conscious, if you feel your article is not good than no problem. Just go back and restart research process
Check grammar and spelling errors
Rewrite phrase or paragraph where necessary 
Plagiarism Checking:
Plagiarism is hottest issue on website content. Plagiarism means coping or stealing any author ideas and words and representing them as your own original work. According to U.S. laws it is crime. The method we use to write an article already safe us from plagiarism issues. But still you can check different paragraphs of your article either they are already written in the same way on any website or not. Plagiarism is not only deals with website but also apply book or any other intellectual property. 
You can just copy different parts of your content paste it on Google search box to check if it is already published or not. If Google search result normally Google highlight those words or phrases which are already published on web.
Submit Article:
Finally your article is ready to submit. For newbie, I strongly recommend to write 10 – 25 articles of 500 words each before going into applying online jobs. To verify either your article fulfilling basic guidelines of article writing, it is strongly recommend to submit your article to popular article directories i.e., etc. 
If your articles are getting approvals by popular article directories, you will become a publish author. J Try it today.


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